8th Grade Math

Welcome to 8th grade math. This page will structure your lessons, homework and activities for the year. 
As a reminder, if you do not have access to the video lessons, you write two example problems from the book, two sentences, and any take note section. 

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Unit 1 - Equations
 Video lessons and assignments Additional resources
Rational and Irrational Numbers - Class exploration
Solving 2 Step equations Video Lesson 
Distributive Property Exploration
Let's Talk!
Solving Multi-step Equations 
This will include using the distributive property and combining like terms before you solve! 
Solving equations with variables on both sides
Solve Me Learning Path!
Solving equations with decimals
Solving equations with fractions 
The Distributive Property
Simplifying expressions and combining like terms
Writing Expressions - Millionaire game 
Jeopardy for combining like terms, solving equations and Distributive property
Fun Algebra Games

Unit 4 - Expressions and Equations -yes again!
 Video lessons and assignments Additional resources
Solving Multi-step Equations 
Solving Equations with Variables on both sides
Interim Assessment Review

Systems of Equations 
Substitution Preview
Solving Systems of Equations with Substitution - Video lesson. Be patient. It is long sorry. :-( 
Magic Mountain Systems Problem
Night at the Prom

Solving Systems by Graphing and Substitution

Multiple strategies for solving systems of equations
Extra Practice with systems of equations

Systems Check Point
Weekly Progress
Mr. Salamanca's substitution lesson Part 1
Mr. Salamanca's substitution lesson Part 2

Systems Quiz Review

Solving Systems of equations using elimination - Mr. Salamanca's video

Systems by elimination
Elimination Word Problem Practice

Unit 4 Practice Test
Answers 1. (2,6) 2. (-2,3) 3. (-2,7) 4. (-2, -11) 5. (-21,-10) 6. (-1, 4) 7. (4,1) 8 (2 cows and 7 chickens)

Solving equations with variables on both sides

Practice Problems for 2 step equations

Step by Step - Equations wit variables on both sides

Systems of Equations with substitution Part 1

Systems of Equations with substitution Part 2

Point of Intersection Exploration

Another Systems video

Real World Systems of Equations

Unit 5 - Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
 Video lessons and assignments Additional resources
Click Here to download the PDF to your iPads
Geometric Sequence

Unit 6 - Pythagorean Theorem
 Video lessons and assignments Additional resources
Pythagorean Theorem Prep
Homework on Area
Radicals video Lesson
Download file below to access 3.1 
Pythagorean Theorem Practice Test
Shape and Area support
CNN Video
ACE Problems pg. 14-19


Unit 7 End of Course Review
 Video lessons and assignments Additional resources
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
How Did this happen? 
Exponent Review

Graphing Linear Inequalities
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Graphing inequalities exploration

7th grade stuff

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