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Garden Project Learning Path - Week 1
Definition of area, perimeter, and volume of a rectangular solid
For three objects in the room, find area, perimeter and volume. Draw a diagram with the dimensions and show how you found each one. 
All IXLs up to 75 points
IXL P.17
IXL P. 18
IXL P. 20
IXL P. 29

Coin Toss
Remember: If video lessons are not working, your back up assignment is to go to that section of the textbook, copy down two sentences, two example problems and ALL Take Note sections. This will give you five points the next day. 

Semester 2
Cumulative Review - IXL Expectations
So sorry for the confusion. For the assignment due Monday, F.8 and F.9 are in the 8th grade section but J.4 and K.8 are in the Algebra section. Please email me if you have questions.
Part 1
8th Grade Section! Not 7th. - F.8, F.9, 
Algebra Section! Not 7th - J.4, K.8 Due by Monday April 15th
Part 2
7th Grade - X.8, X.11, I.9, G.2, G.4, G.10, G.13 Due April 22nd
Part 3
6th Grade - G.5, G.7 
7th Grade - D.3, Y.1, Y.2, R.1, R.2. R.3, R.4 Due April 30th
Cumulative Review
Check your progress


Chapter 9-10
 Video Lessons Additional Resources
 Video Lesson 9-1 Inflate your Brain

Chapter 11

Chapter 8

Scatter Matters
 Use these links to submit data Use these links to see class data
Period 2
Period 3
Period 5
Period 6
Period 2
Period 3
Period 5
Period 6

Miscellaneous sections and Chapter 7
Video Lessons                                                Support Materials
Chapter 6
6-8 Discount and Markup

6-5 Video Lesson - Proportions and Percents
6-5 Online Checkpoint Form

6-4 Fractions, Decimals and Percents
6-4 Online form

6-3 Similar figures and proportions
No checkpoint form for 6-3

Video lesson for Monday 11/26 - Applying Proportions
Applying Proportions Online Checkpoint

6-1 Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rate
6-1 Checkpoint Form

6-2 Proportions
6-2 Checkpoint Form
IXL Problems for Monday December 17th after Garcia store and to finish for homework. Do 12 problems and show work.

Garcia Store!

Homework for Wednesday December 12th - IXLDo 8 problems.

Review Worksheet - Unit Rate and proportions

Proportion Application

Homework for Wednesday December 5th - Do 8 of these problems and show work!

Homework for Thursday December 6th - Do 8 of these scale drawing problems and SHOW your work.

Proportions write up for alternative assessment:
Restate the problem in your own words.
Show all of the steps to solve the problem.
Explain each step.
Reflect: why was this your favorite proportion problem?
Extra credit: make up your own proportion problem.

Blog Assignment due Friday November 30th.
Think about your last mile time in PE. If you were to run a Marathon at that rate, how long would it take you? 

Chapter 5
Chapter 4
4-1 Divisibility Rules - Be patient and give it time to download. It is a long one :-(

Lesson 4-4 Watch movie and complete form

Penny Challenge!
Act 1
Data to help solve the problem

Chapter 2

Chapter 11

Graphing Explorations