Common Core 8

Chapter 1 Solving Equations 

Chapter 2 Transformations
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
2.1 Exploration - Dot Paper. See files below.
Lesson 2.1 - See files below.
Video Lesson 2.1 Congruent figures
Video Lesson 2.2 Translations
Video Lesson 2.3 Reflections 
Reflections Practice - See file below
Reflections in class activity - Watch and draw
Translations, Reflections, Tessellations... Oh my! 
Rotations Video Lesson
Rotations Application
Similar Figures Video Lesson
2-5 Practice - Similar Figures
Dilations Video Lesson
The Transmographer

Transformations Project

Pixar: The Math behind the Movies
Chapter 3 Angles and Triangles
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support - One image per group
3.1 Exploration
Parallel lines and Transversals Video Lesson
3.2 Angles and Triangles Video lesson - Don't forget to go to Schoology and enter your answers to the last two problems. If by chance you are unable to get in to schoology, email me your two answers.
11-7 Exit slip

Its all Scattered

Chapter 9 Scatter Plots
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Its all Scattered
Its all scattered survey

Scatter Matters Data Collection
Did you Know? 
Results of Data Collection

Scatter Matters Individual Project
See how you are doing on Scatter Matters
Project Titles for Scatter Matters
Presentation Survey
Scatter Plot Alternative Assessment
Scatter Plot Correlation 2
Scatter Matters Individual Project
What to include in your individual projects:
What should be on slides/presentations:
  1. Introduction
  2. What two variables you compared
  3. Prediction
  4. How you measured. Pictures? 
  5. Graph and results
  6. Is there a relationship? Why or why not?
  7. Does one variable cause the other? Explain
  8. What can you predict about people you didn't survey? How might you change the survey or extend the project? 

Chapter 5 Systems of Equations
Chapter  6: Functions
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Video Lesson: Relationships and Mapping Diagrams
iMiddle Graphing Stories

Explain Everything Tutorials
For each video, write a sentence for what you learned and might use in your graphing stories project using Explain Everything. 
Examples of Animation in Explain Everything
Paul Hamilton Tutorial 1:
Paul Hamilton Tutorial 2:

Pi Day Video: Watch it and write down 5 facts from the video. 

Partner Evaluation

Chapter  7: Square Roots, Cube Roots, and the Pythagorean Theorem
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Square Roots Video Lesson

Pythagorean Theorem Video Lesson - Ignore the part about the exploration. Take notes on everything else.

Pythagorean Theorem Vocabulary - Padlet
Chapter 7 Practice Test answers
  1. -13
  2. -1
  3. 9ft
  4. 1
  5. 6
  6. 26
  7. 13
  8. 961+324=1296 NO
  9. 196+2304=2500 YES
  10. 40

Chapter  8: Volume and Similar Solids 
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Video Lesson - Finding volume of cylinders
Kahoot Review Questions Form
Video Lesson: Volume of Cones and Spheres

Jelly Bean Count
Jelly Bean Guess

1. The Gourmet Gift Baskets team wants to break the record for the biggest coffee cup. Will that cup be enough to break it? How many gallons of coffee do you think will fit inside?
2. Guess as close as you can. Write your guess down.
3. Write down a guess you know is too high.
4. Write down a guess you know is too low.
5. How long do you think it'll take them to fill up the cup?
6. How many regular-size cups of coffee would fit inside that super-size cup of coffee?

Chapter  10: Exponents
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Multiplying Exponents
Video Lesson - Dividing Exponents
Video Lesson - Zero and Negative Exponents

taco Cart

VLOG Portfolio Piece:
Project Grade
Use any app to answer the following questions. We must see your face (photo, video) at least once.
1. What did you learn in math this year?
2. What are you still working on or what is still challenging? 
3. What do you plan to do different in High School next year?
4. What advice to you have to 7th graders for next year?

Must be at least 30seconds and not over a minute and a half. Due Friday May 15th.  

Results of Data Collection
Video Lesson - Exponents

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