Listed below are ideas for completing your Fast Track Projects. You are expected to complete at least one per Chapter you test out of and can not repeat a project unless you have completed all the others.


There are two choices for this category
Practice - Review for iPod touche devices or any other media
Create a series of slides that review example problems from a particular section of the chapter or one slide per section that would serve as a review.  You may include step by step instructions as well as answers. These might be exported so we can download them for use on the iPod touches for other students to use as extra practice before tests.

2. Word Problem- Select 2-3 word problems from the Chapter. Solve the problems and explain your steps using slides in Keynote or PowerPoint. The purpose is to show how the math being learned in the Chapter can be extended to how we use it in life.

Select a section from the Chapter. You will create a Podcast showing how to solve problems from that section. Your podcast can be practice problems, how to apply the math to how people use it in the real world, or explaining a word problem. You will Create a PowerPoint or Keynote, export images to Garageband, narrate your podcast, and add a jingle.

Click below for a link to the check off list and example podcasts.

Select a section from the chapter and create a lesson using ActiveStudio that can be used to teach the class. You can include practice problems, videos you find on the Internet, and if you are brave enough, you can teach it to the class when it is time to cover that section.

Select a section from the Chapter. You will create a document using Pages or Publisher to present the topic, explain how to solve problems in that area, and provide a few examples. Be creative with how you explain the math, how you represent it, and any graphics you include.  Once the document is created, we will print it on the large format printer. These will be posted in the classroom for other students to use for help.