Floor Plans

You are the facilities manager for a Video Game making company. In front of you are the plans for the second story of your  building. Your boss has asked you to fix up the second floor and make it an enjoyable place to work. Answer the following questions to make the second floor as he wants. Answer the questions on the same sheet of paper as your Video Lesson Chapter 10.

Let's get to know our floor plans.
1) What is the scale for this print?  

2) Name at least four shapes you see in your floor plans.

3) Room 313 has some green carpet from the 70s. We want new carpet. How will you determine how much carpet is needed? Check your answer with your teacher.

4) For the purpose of today's lesson, we will use area to find the square feet of various rooms. Look back to room 313, find the dimensions, then area of this room. Make sure to show your work and check your answer with your teacher.

5) If the new carpeting you wish to purchase, costs $1.75 per square foot, how much will this new carpeting cost?

6) Room 316 needs the floors buffed. The company charges a certain amount per square feet to buff the floors. If the company charges $2.00 per square foot, how much will it cost to clean room 316. Show your work.

7) Room 315a needs some tile. First, plan how you will find the area of room 315a. Check that plan with your teacher. How many shapes are included in the total area needing tile?

8) The boss wants the Open Room to be wood floors but the Clean Room needs to be tile. How many square feet of hard wood will you need? How much tile? 

9) A one ton air conditioner unit will cool off 250 square feet. How many tons of cooling do both classrooms (305 and 306) need when the partition wall is open? 

10) Clean Room #2 is a strange shape so carpet will be easiest for this room. List how you will find area of this room. Once your plan for finding area is approved by your teacher, find the area.

11) The conference room 315 needs to be carpeted. Find the area. 
If the carpet the boss wants costs $20.00 per square yard, how much will it cost? Show all work.

12) Why might not ALL students have the same answer?