Garden Task 2 - Location, location, location

Your team will search for a location on campus to propose the building of your garden. Keep these things in mind when selecting a location:

  1. There should be plenty of sunlight
  2. It should not be in heavy traffic areas so students do not disrupt it
  3. The area of your garden can be no larger than 20 ft2

Ask your teacher for permission to walk around campus and find a location. Take a picture of your location for your presentation.

Use Doodle Buddy to draw over the picture and identify where your garden will be.

Begin your slide presentation in Keynote. Start with an introductory slide. Insert your annotated pictures on the second slide. This slide  should have pictures of the proposed location from a student's perspective as well as an aerial view from Google Earth.

Julie Garcia,
May 21, 2012, 9:25 AM