Garden - Task 3

Gardens are made of much more than just dirt!

Things to Consider: 

  • Wood for the border (this would probably be used to create the frame of
  • your garden) 
  • Wooden dowels for support (could be used to support the corners or mid-segments of your garden)
  • “L” Brackets (Could also be used to support the frame of your garden, but could ONLY be used on the corners)
  • Potting Soil (will be used to fill in your garden so items could be planted.
  • Items to plant  


Your Task: 

Complete the spreadsheet by shopping around. Post pictures of your desired products to your presentation. 

  • Identify each item
  • Location of each item (Lowe’s, Home Depot)
  • Product number (sku #)
  • Price 
  • Quantity Needed


Home Depot


Be sure to shop around!  You want what will look the best for the cheapest

price so your bid is accepted.