Healthy Habits Math Component

As part of your Science Project on Healthy Habits you will be required to submit math to support your arguments. Your final product should include two of the following: ratios, rates, proportions and percents.
This data can be found by completing internet research, surveying people, or actually performing experiments and calculating results. 

What you will turn in to me:
On a Sheet of Paper titled "Healthy Habits Math Component" answer the questions below:

Part 1
What is the Health Problem you are addressing? 
What is your Challenge? This means what are you trying to change or what problem are you trying to solve? 
(10 Points due Friday November 18th)

Part 2
What will you do to address your challenge? What will be your final product and who is your audience? How can math help send a message about your challenge? Will you survey people? Test people? Look for research on the internet.
Write your plan for what you will do to collect data to support your challenge.
(10 Points due Monday November 28th)

Part 3
Collect your research and share your data in two ways. The two must be either ratio, rate, proportion, or percent. Bring your data in to share with your teacher so that you can discuss the best way to share the data in your project.
(20 Points due December 5th)

Part 4
Include your final product  in your Healthy Habits display.
(10 Points due December 9th)