iMiddle Students as Bloggers!

Watch us Blog!

What are Blogs? Go to the link below and define a blog using your own words. Write your personal definition on your paper.

Let's look at some examples of student blogs. Spend a minute or two on each of the blogs. On your paper, write the name of the blog then underneath write one thing you learned from each blog. 

Now that you know a little about what a blog is, brainstorm how you might maintain a blog for math. What could you share? List at least three items. 

Our fist post on our blogs is going to be our Mathography because this will give people an idea about you and your math world. Find a partner to peer review your mathography. Copy the check list below and have your partner check off each part and sign the your paper (warm up if you typed your answers).

1. Are there three paragraphs?
2. Does the first paragraph explain the individual? Are there enough details?
3. Does the second paragraph explain the individual as a student? Are there enough details?
4. Does the third paragraph explain the student's math skills? 
5. Is the grammar and spelling correct?
6. Provide at least one suggestion to make their mathography better.

Now it is time to put your mathography on your blog! Wait for instructions from your teacher. 
To preview the site we will use go to

Here is where we will log into our blog