Inflate Your Brain


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You will be measuring the circumference of a balloon over a period of inflation.  The idea is to gather data, graph it, then compare this experiment to the Tootsie Pop.


Data Gathering:

With your partner, you must decide who is the Inflator and who is the Recorder.

·            The Inflator needs to have the balloon and a great set of lungs. 

·            The Recorder needs the measuring tape (or string and a ruler).  

When instructed by your teacher, the Inflator will exhale ONLY ONE breath into the balloon then hold it tight.  The Recorder will measure the circumference around the balloon and document the data in the chart.  This process will be repeated until 4 breaths have been exhaled into the balloon.



Circumference (cm)
























Graph your Data

Once data has been gathered for 4 breaths, please graph the information on a piece of graph paper.  Be sure to use correct units and label each part of your graph.  The x-axis represents breaths and the y-axis is circumference.  After you have plotted the points, please draw a best-fist line to help represent your data.


Interpret Data/Graph

On the back of your graph, please answer the questions:


·            How does this graph compare to the graph of the Tootsie Pop?


·            Is the slope positive or negative?  Why?


·            What is the slope and y-intercept?


·            Do you think the trend in this line will continue on forever?  Why or why not?

Julie Garcia,
Feb 21, 2012, 6:48 PM