Integrated 1

Developing Mathematical Habits of Mind 
Chapter 6 Statistics and Fitting Lines 
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Scatter Matters Data Collection
Its all Scattered
Results of Data collection
Did you Know? 
Scatter Matters Individual Project
Finding Slope Video Lesson

See progress on Scatter Matters
Project Titles for Scatter Matters
Line of Best Fit - PDF. Check work in Geogebra

What should be on slides/presentations:
  1. Introduction
  2. What two variables you compared
  3. Prediction
  4. How you measured. Pictures? 
  5. Graph and results
  6. Is there a relationship? Why or why not?
  7. Does one variable cause the other? Explain
  8. What can you predict about people you didn't survey? How might you change the survey or extend the project? 

Mathematics Vision Project Module 2 
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2.5 Questions #1-4
1) y≥1/5x -4
2) y≤3x+5
4) 3x+4y≤24

Post Quiz Review
Solving with Elimination
Spencer, Nolan, Sam
Angelina, Kalifah, Rara
Aisha, Jordan, James
Nikki and Marla
Naomi, Nicole and Aislin

Mathematics Vision Project Module 3 
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Video for Pi day
Pi Day Video: Watch it and write down 5 facts from the video. 
Integrated 1 Practice Test
  1. arithmetic
  2. f(x) = f(x-1) -2
  3. f(x) = -2x
  4. f(100)= -200
  5. f(x)=f(x-1) -4
  6. f(x) =88•(1/2)^x-1
  7. f(x)=f(x-1) -3
  8. f(x) = -4 +4(x-1) = 4x-8??
  9. -4, 8,-16, 
  10. f(x)=1•3^x-1
  11. Explicit. Don’t be fooled by the (x-1)
Mathematics Vision Project Module 6 
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Video Lesson - Finding volume of cylinders
Video Lesson: Volume of Cones and Spheres

Multiplying Exponents
Video Lesson - Dividing Exponents

VLOG Portfolio Piece:
Project Grade
Use any app to answer the following questions. We must see your face (photo, video) at least once.
1. What did you learn in math this year?
2. What are you still working on or what is still challenging? 
3. What do you plan to do different in High School next year?
4. What advice to you have to 7th graders for next year?

Must be at least 30seconds and not over a minute and a half. Due Friday May 15th.  
Video Lesson - Exponents

The Taco Cart

taco Cart
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