ISTE - Teach Like Pythagoras, Learn like the Jetsons

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Choose a task to start the session. 
 Task 1
Have a heart!
 Task 2 
Submit Data
 Task 3 
Graph and Post
Come to the campfire for help! 
 Create an origami heartName and Syllables
Height and navel distance
Years teaching and # of ISTE conferences attended

Copy data from one of the topics below:
Name and Syllables
Height and Navel Distance
Years teaching and ISTE conferences

Graph data in Desmos
Post to Padlet

See notes from Today's Meet

Formative assessments


Learn more on their website

Learn how to view student drawing for assessment

Learn how to upload and transform any document


Download the app Socrative for Teacher

Download the app Socrative for Student

Sign up for Socrative

Watch this video for how to set up a free response question with class vote


Get a Kahoot Account

Watch students getting excited about learning while playing Kahoot!

Flipping the Classroom

iTunes U Course

Show What you Know Project


Scatter Matters Project

Review the assignment for Scatter Matters

View a Sample Project

Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos is a graphing calculator app and much more. Students use this tool for calculating, graphing, and clarifying thinking. Teachers facilitate learning opportunities where students explore, reason, and learn how different operations make changes. What makes desmos unique is the slider function.

What is more impressive is the interactive pre-made lessons created by teachers for at Teacher.Desmos.. Vist to view lessons where students work independently, teachers see students submission and math reasoning occurs.

What is Desmos?

Download the app Desmos

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Learn more about sliders

Review the “Match my Line” activities created by Michael Fenton.

See how Cathy Yenca talks about trading worksheets for Desmos.

Julie Garcia,
Jun 30, 2015, 4:17 PM