Madison Football Game

Madison High School Football Game - iMiddle Takes Over!

This problem requires you to add and subtract fractions to find exact answers. Use estimation to make sure your final answers are reasonable. As you work, use what you know about fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Write number sentences to communicate your strategies for solving the Problem.

Mr. Nash, the principal at Madison High School invited iMiddle to a football game. The diagram shows two sections of seats adjacent to each other reserved for our school. Several iMiddle teachers have sections for their students. The diagram shows the part of each section given to each teacher.

A) Which teacher has the most seats in Section A? Section B? What fraction of a section does each teacher have? Explain how you know.

For questions B and C.

  • Find an approximate answer using estimation

  • Write a number sentence and answer the question

  • Compare your answer to your estimate to make sure your answer is reasonable

B) Solving Problems

  1. Mrs. Siracusa couldn’t make it so she gave her seats to Mrs. Ladeby. What fraction of a section does Mrs. Ladeby now have?

  2. If Cronk and Selby combine their sections, what fraction of a section do they now own together?

  3. How much bigger is Coach K’s section than Ms. Torigoe?

C) Moving on

  1. Name a set of teachers who’s combined space equals 1 ½ sections. Explain.

  2. Name a set of teachers whose combined space equals 1 ¾ sections. Explain.

D) Seating

  1. Each section holds 96 seats. Approximately how many seats does each teacher have?

  2. Mr. Cronk wants to sell his seats to a teacher at CPMA. If he charges $2.00 per seat, how much money will he make?

  3. Now, Cronk Salamanca, Selby, and Ms. Jen sell their seats. What fraction of Section B remains?