Math In Minecraft

Hello fellow Minecrafters...

For those of you who are new, Minecraft is a computer game that is a lot like legos on the computer. You can build all sorts of things, but to get the material you need to build, you have to mine it and craft it!

Your task is to build a house/building in Minecraft. You must first decide what kind of house/building you want and then figure out what materials and how much of each material you will need. Then you can build your house or building. After you have finished you will create a presentation of your creation. You can work in groups of 2 or 3.

As a class, we will pick a winner for the best Minecraft building. Your final project is due Wednesday May 29th at the end of class.

Have fun!!

Check your progress

Task 1 

Task 2 - Due Wednesday, May 22nd (end of class)

Task 3 - Due Friday, May 24th (end of class)

Task 4 - Due Wednesday May 29th (end of class)

Task 5 - Due Friday, May 31st (end of class)

Grading Rubric