Minecraft Task 1

What do you want to build?

Before you can start building anything, you need to decide what exactly you want to build.

DUE: Wednesday May 22nd (along with task 2)

Requirements for your building:

  • it must have at least 2 floors (you can have more, but no more than 4)

  • There must be at least 2 blocks of vertical space on the inside of every floor (so you fit!)

  • the floors and walls must be made of different materials (the floors could be smooth stone and walls could be brick)

  • it must have at least 1 door

  • it must have at least 1 bookshelf

  • it must have at least 1 window

Answer the following questions while designing your house:

  1. Are you going to build a house, a tower, a pyramid or some other building?
    Make sure you get it approved by your teacher

  2. How many floors will your building have?

  3. What are you going to build your building out of?
    You have 4 choices: brick, sandstone, smooth stone, or wood

    Block Images from Minecraft Wiki.

  4. How will you get from one floor to the next, stairs or ladders?

    (If you are building a small or narrow building, ladders may be easier, or you could put the stairs outside the building. It's up to you.)

  5. How many windows will your building have?

  6. How many doors will you need?
    Doors are two blocks tall and one block wide. You will need one for the entrance, but you may want more doors elsewhere.

  7. How many bookshelves will you have?

  8. After you've made all of these decisions, draw a sketch of what your house will look like. Include dimensions so you know how many blocks wide, long, and tall your building will be.

  9. Make a list of all of your data:

  • main material types for wall and floor (brick, sandstone, smooth stone, wood):

  • number of floors:

  • number of windows:

  • number of doors:

  • number of bookshelves:

  1. Get your list and sketch checked by your teacher before moving on to task 2.

    Task 2