Minecraft Task 3

 We know all of the blocks you need. Now we need to figure out how many raw materials you need to make the blocks. You will need the Minecraft wiki page to finish this task. You can also find pictures of some of the materials on the wiki.

DUE: Friday, May 24th

  1. Look up each type of block you need: stairs, ladders, door, glass, brick, sandstone, smooth stone, wood, bookshelf. What do you need to craft each item? Which items need to be smelted with coal in a furnace? Make a list:

  • stairs:

  • ladder:

  • doors:

  • glass:

  • brick blocks:

  • sandstone blocks:

  • smooth stone blocks:

  • wood blocks:

  • bookshelf:

  1. Now we have how much of each raw material to make one block of each item. Let's figure out how much you need for your whole building: set up a proportion for each item. Make a list of what you need:

  • clay:

  • sand:

  • wood:

  • cobblestone:

  • leather:

  • sugarcane:

  1. Now let's deal with the coal. You know which blocks need to be smelted. How many blocks total do you need to smelt? Add them up.

  2. A single piece of coal can smelt 8 items. Use the total number of blocks you need to smelt to figure out how much coal you need. Add your amount of coal to your list. (Use a proportion)

  3. Get your list checked by your teacher before moving on to task 4.

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