A Mathography is a lot like your life history except that it is focussed on mathematics in your life.

In pages, write about yourself. This will help your teacher get to know you as an individual. You should address these three general topics: you, you as a student, and you as a math student. Remember to use complete sentences and make sure your work is legible. 

Paragraph 1: YOU

Introduce yourself, using the name you like to be called. What languages do you speak? Describe your hobbies, talents, and interests. State your goals or dreams. What are you proud of? What else would you like to share?

Paragraph 2: YOU AS A STUDENT

Describe the importance of school in your life. Describe yourself as a student. In what subjects are you most successful? In what kinds of classroom activities do you excel? What kinds of activities do you find frustrating? Explain which subjects is/are your favorite(s). Tell why you like it (them). How regularly do you finish in-class assignments? How faithfully do you do your homework?


Describe two most memorable moments in math, one positive and one negative, and explain why you remember them. State your favorite math topic. Name your least favorite. Explain how you feel about math this year.