Number Tricks

Number Trick Project

Select a partner. Write your names below.



Create a number trick together. Think about what your final answer will be. Will it be an exact number or your starting number (x)? How will you get there? Write your steps below.

Try your number trick out on a neighbor.

Write the algebraic notation of your number trick. Get it checked by your teacher.

Explain Everything!

Now it is time to plan your slides. Write what you will do on each slide below.

Slide 1:

Introduction to you and your partners (include image and text)

Slide 2: Introduce the number trick as if you were teaching it to the class. Pause and go slow. Ask students what their final number is?

Slide 3: Tell students what they should have for an answer. Have fun with this!

Slide 4: Show the algebra. How will you explain it?

Once these slides are approved, you can start