Pre Algebra

Welcome to 7th grade Math. On this page, you will find resources, homework and assignments for our class. Remember, if you do not have access to the video lessons because you don't have your device or your internet is not working, you:

1) Copy two sentences from that section of the textbook.
2) Copy two example problems
3) Copy any "Take Note" information from that section.

Alternative Assessments

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Review Unit
Integers, Variables and Expressions, Order of Operations
Decimals Factors and Fractions 
Ordering, rounding and operations with decimals
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Rounding Decimals Video Lesson
Math Goodies - Ordering Decimals
Video Lesson 4-2 - The Basics of Exponents

Divisibility Rules Video Lesson - Be patient. It is a long video and will take a while to download. 

Equivalent Fractions Video Lesson
Equivalent Fractions Checkpoint Form
How to Add and Subtract Fractions  - Video Lesson  
Madison High School Problem

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions - Video Lesson
IXL I.1 and I.2
F.1 and F.2

Unit Summary Topics:
Metric System
Divisibility Rules
Simplifying fractions

Another video on adding fractions- watch and take notes on this one.
Ratios, Proportions, and Percents 
Expressions and Equations 
Properties of numbers, equations and skills to simplify and solve multistep equations.
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Combining like terms video lesson
Like Terms Exploration

Properties of Numbers
The Distributive Property

Solving equations w/addition and subtraction - Inverse operations
Solving equations w/multiplication and division - Inverse operations
Solving two step equations

Solving equations with decimals - there is no form. Just bring answers to class and you will submit to schoology.
Solving equations with fractions

Multiplying Exponents- video lesson
Dividing Exponents - video lesson

Graphing inequalities

Practice Test
Answers: 1) x = -21, 2) x2/y3 3) x≤150, 4) y≥7 5) z=-1 6) a5/6b 7) t<60 8) y<-4 9)x=12 10)5y12z3 11) s=35 12) y≤-4 13) -6 ≤ p 14) y≥-9
Extra help on combining like terms

Solving multi step equations
Graphs and Graphing 
Scatter Plots and linear functions
ResourcesAdditional Support Additional Support
Correlation Worksheet 1

Correlation Worksheet 2

Scatter Plot Practice

Scatter Matters Data Collection
Period 1 - Period 1 Data
Period 3 - Period 3 Data
Period 4 - Period 4 Data
Period 7 - Period 7 Data


1) Use your iPad to take a picture of the Scatter Plot

2) In Numbers, graph your scatter plot

3) In Explain Everything, import the photo of your graph, the screenshot of Numbers, and record a screencast that addresses the following:

a) State the title of the graph

b) Identify what the x and y axes represent
Select a point and speak directly to that point as to what it represents.
d) Explain what trends you see in the graph. Is there a positive correlation, negative or none?
Graphs and Functions 
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