Proportions Practice

How many eyedroppers full of water does it take to fill a graduated cylinder? 

Lets use proportions to find out.

First collect data:

  1. Practice filling the eyedropper with water to the designated mark.
  2. Use the space below to tally how many full eyedroppers it takes to fill the graduated cylinder to 7 mL. Write your results below.

Write a ratio that shows how many droppers per 7 mL of water. Make sure to include your units.


Get your ratio checked by your teacher before moving on.

Now we will set up a proportion to find out how many eyedroppers it will take to fill the graduated cylinder to 50 mL. 

Complete the proportion below, then solve for your unknown. 

It will take _________________ eyedroppers to fill the graduated cylinder to 100 mL.

How long to sprint a mile. 

In the next activity, we will use proportions to calculate how long it takes students to run a mile.

Let’s go for a walk outside. Three volunteers to run 50 ft.

Name_______________________ Time_____________________

Name_______________________ Time_____________________

Name_______________________ Time_____________________

Now that we have some data, we will return to the class to find out how long it would take these students to run a mile at that same rate. Show your proportions, proper units, and how the problems were solved.

Volunteer 1: Volunteer 2:

Volunteer 3:

For each volunteer, find how long it will take them to run 1/2 a mile, 1/4 a mile and 1/8.

Volunteer 1: Volunteer 2:

1/2 1/2

1/4 1/4

1/8 1/8

Volunteer 3:




It is book time. 

Select a full page from the book A Bone From A Dry Sea. Find the unit rate of words per line of a book. Write the ratio below and be sure to include units. 

Use the unit rate to find how many words per page.

Use the unit rate to find how many words in the book.

Let’s Travel

Mr. Jack is going to live in Paris. He will take $500.00 with him. How much is that in Euro? 1 Euro equals 1.3 dollars. Use a proportion to find out.

Mrs. Garcia goes to Mexico and brings $120.00. How much is that in Pesos? Use a proportion to find out. 13.76 pesos per US dollar.

How tall is a basketball pole.

Time to take a walk to the courts. We will use similar figures, shadows, and proportions to find the height. 

First we need a volunteer. Once your teacher places the volunteer in the right spot, draw what you see including shadows. 

Fill in the data below:

Volunteer’s Height _______ Volunteer’s Shadow length ________ 

Basketball poles’ shadow length __________________


Height of Basketball pole.

Birthday Candle Burndown

How long does it take to burn down a birthday candle? 

First lets see how long it takes to burn one centimeter and then we will see how long it will take to burn down the entire candle.

Time for 2 cm. ___________ Height of Candle before burning____________