Solve Me Learning Path


Because you scored an A or B on the Unit 1 test, you are going to work on the Solve Me extension project. Follow the activities in the order they are listed. All assignments are due Friday as part of your weekly packet grade.

Step 1:

Watch the video lesson on using table to write equations for word problems.

After you get the last question checked by your teacher, move on to these word problems.

Step 2: Write an equation (using the table method) and solve these word problems.

1) At a concert, Nabila purchased three t-shirts and a concert program that cost $15. In total, Nabila spent $90. Find the cost of a single t-shirt if they all had the same price.

2) Oberon Cell Phone company advertises service for 3 cents per minute plus a monthly fee of $ 29.95. If Parker’s phone bill for October was $38.95, find the number of minutes he used.

3) Quinn was shopping at a used book sale where all books were selling at the same price. He bought six science fiction books and eight mysteries. He also decided to buy a poster for $2.40. In total, Quin spent $8.70. What was the price of a single book?

4) Ulani has an older sister and a younger sister. Her older sister is one year more than twice Ulani’s age. Ulani’s younger sister is three years younger than she is. Th sum of their three ages is 26. Find Ulani’s age.

5) A sale at a local grocery store was offering all fruit at the same price per pound. Valencia bought 1.5 pounds of peaches and 3.5 pounds of plums. She used a 50 cent off coupon and ended up spending exactly $5.00. What was the price per pound for the fruit that Valencia bought?

Step 3: Check your five word problems with steps to solution with your teacher. Next, create something that will help your peers learn how to write and solve equations from word problems. Maybe you will create:

  • a keynote with step by step instructions

  • a screencast similar to the one you watched earlier this week

  • a pages document that might be printed as a poster for the classroom

  • Be creative - come up with your own idea