Space Project

You work for a travel agency and Mr. Klein is a customer that wants to go on a vacation in space! So he is coming to you for help. You must plan his space vacation.

Mr. Klein wants to have the best space vacation ever! So, he is asking lots of different travel agencies to come up with vacation proposals for him. Make sure your proposal is exciting so that he picks yours!

Work in groups of 3 and come up with a name for your travel agency. 

  1. Select 3 places in space (planets, solar systems, nebulae,...) for Mr. Klein to visit.

  2. Find the distances between the 3 places (use scientific notation and include units.
    • Find the distances between the 3 places (use scientific notation and include units) starting from Earth.
    • Find the total distance (use scientific notation and include units)
    • Find 2 facts or pieces of information about each of the 3 places (use percentages)

  3. Put together a presentation of your vacation proposal. Remember, this is a competition to see who plans the best trip. Be sure to:
    • Include distances and your interesting facts. Why would he want to go there?
    • Make it interesting. You can make a power point, brochure, poster, or even a video!

 Description Total Points - 50
Facts and Figures - Scientific Notation Your project plans out an exciting trip for Mrs. Klein that has three distances to locations along with a the round trip distance all written in Scientific Notation 20 Points
Facts and Figures - Percentages Your project provides two facts (written as a percent) about each of the three stops on Mr. Klein's trip to Space. 15 Points
 Writing ComponentYour movie/brochure/poster/presentation is written in an engaging way that tries to "sell" your trip to Mr. Klein. Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are present.  15 Points