The Movie Making Process

Creating Your Movie

  1. Select a topic or type of problem you wish to teach students involving percents. Challenge yourself to do something like discount and mark up since you are expected to explain a real world problem.
  2. Brainstorm how to solve these types of problems and what strategies you might use to teach another student. Write a sample on scratch paper. When you think you have your concept, write it down and ask your teacher for approval.
  3. Create slides, video clips, images, or a combination of the two that teach your concept. This should be at least four slides or two slides and video clips. 
  4. Create a script for your podcast. Check your script with your teacher. 
  5. Export your slides as jpegs to a folder.
  6. Drag your slides into iMovie or MovieMaker and narrate your podcast using your script. Add effects/transitions and fun stuff. Check your slides and your audio with your teacher.
  7. Export movie for publishing.