Tootsie Pop Screencast

Tootsie Pop Screencast

 It is time to show what you know about graphing and equations of lines.

Graphing Images for Camera Roll

Make sure you have pictures saved to your camera roll
You must have a t-table and graph. Here are the steps.
a) Create a new spreadsheet and open Charting Basics in Numbers
b) Tap the Scatter Chart tab
c) Use the table that is already there and add your own labels and ordered pairs
d) Title your graph and axes
e) Tap on the graph so the blue dots are highlighted. Use the paint brush to find 
    the x axis  and choose “Value Scale Settings.” From there, set maximum                 
    value to 25 and minimum value to 0. Change the major steps to 25.
f) Now tap on the y axis and only change the major steps until your y axis has 
    only whole numbers.
g) Screenshot your table and graph for your screencast

 Create your screencast

Make sure you plan your screencast before recording. You might want to create a storyboard or use a brainstorming tool to organize your thinking. 

In your screencast, you must include (consider a slide for each one).

1. An introduction to the activity
2. The data you collected
3. How it displays graphically
4. Demonstrate the line of best fit
5. The rate (slope) at which you eat a tootsie pop. How did you find that?

6. The equation of the line and what it means

7. A verification of your graph and comparison of equation using Wolfram Alpha 

8. How you use the graph to predict how long it will actually take

Look at the sample on at

Export your Screencast to Camera roll when done then upload to Schoology.

See rubric for how you will be graded.

Have Fun!

Julie Garcia,
Jan 26, 2015, 8:25 AM