Unit Rate and Proportions Review

Review of Unit Rate and Proportions

Part 1 - Unit Rate and Proportions
Unit Rate
  1. Find the unit rate: 13 oz of rice for $3.12
  2. Find the unit rate: $51 for 75 ears of corn
  3. Find the unit rate: $9.60 for 3 posters
  4. Find the unit rate: 18 copies for $1.08
  5. Tristan needs to buy some new speakers for his sound system. One brand of speakers has a deal of 4 speakers for $108. Another brand has 3 speakers for $111. Which option should Tristan choose to get the best deal?
  6. BONUS: If a pack of markers cost $3.75 for 15 markers, how much would a pack of 30 markers cost?

  1. Solve: 4/3=b/21
  2. Solve: 6/25=e/80
  3. Solve: 3/8=50/g
  4. Solve: 24/17=109/h
  5. Solve: 4/9=f/15

Part 2: Applying Proportions
Use what you learned from the Applying Proportions video to solve the following problems. Don't forget your steps from the video.
Step 1: Set up 2 equal fractions with just units but no numbers
Step 2: Place the numbers that we know
Step 3: Use cross products to solve the proportion

1. To make lemonade, you need 6 lemons and 8 cups of ice water. How many lemons do you need if you 24 cups of ice water?

2. Fancy ribbon costs $3 for 15 inches. You friend wants the cost of 3 ft. of ribbon. How much will that be? 

3. At Kinkos,  18 copies cost $1.08. At that rate, how much will 40 copies cost?

4. Three bags are needed to make a gallon of iced tea. How many bags are needed to make four gallons?

5. Three posters costs $9.60. At that rate, how many posters can you buy for $48?

6. If I painted 420 square feet in 36 minutes, how many square feet can I paint in 30 minutes?

7. If a team scored 75 points in 6 games, how many points will be scored in 4?

8. If we buy 6 apples for $1.00 how much will 15 apples cost?

9. At Discount Copy center, 12 copies cost $0.66. Laura needs 56 copies. How much should they cost?

10. You estimate that you can do 12 math problems in 45 minutes. How long should it take you to do 20 math problems?

11. If 20 lbs cost me $27.50, how much would 12 pounds cost? 

12. A car travels 3 miles in 2.8 minutes. How many minutes will it take to travel 33.3 miles?

13. Someone travels 5 km in 18 minutes and 36 seconds. How many minutes will it take to travel 8 km?

14. If 96 ounces costs $2.00, how many pounds can I buy for $10?

15. Bonus: A truck driver estimates that it will take him 12 hours to drive 1,160 km. After 5 hours, he has driven 484 km. Is he on schedule? Explain.